N+1 fever

I’m guessing he’s not married and thus the S-1 concept never applied
A three-bedroom Aladdin’s cave filled floor to ceiling with bicycles, a rickshaw and other oddities

These days he’d just be a master of World of Warcraft…

Or second life if you’re that way inclined.

There’s a freaking hammerhead shark on the wall!

my guess is that it’s next to the cranks/chainrings because it also has lots of teeth…

^^ there you are again with your puns. ease up rolly

i was serious!!! did you read the article?? he talks about how he categorises items based on characteristics they have in common…

for example:

There is a method to his madness, however, as ornaments and oddities in his house are arranged ‘according to similarities’.
In the cluttered property, a bike, a hare’s skeleton and a can opener are all placed next to each other as they ‘all have hinges’.