Nagasawa. sparkle sparkle.

Finally got some photo’s of my new love.

Frame : Nagasawa 57.5cm frame
BB : Hatta NJS
Head set : Hatta NJS
Stem : Nitto pearl NJS
Bars : Nitto Risers
Wheels : Dura ace NJS on Mavic open’s
Crank : Sug75’s NJS
Chainring : Sug75 NJS s3-cubic 48t, no name 18t cog.
Pedals/straps : Shadow/Holdfast
Seatpost : Mighty NJS
Seat : Turbo contact gel

Not my ideal tyres on atm but came with the wheel set and intend to use till bust.



Sweet! Can’t help but disagree with the pedal setup looks-wise, but hey, obviously you chose them for a reason.

Yoshiaki would be proud!

Yeah, i can see they can be perceived as not the most aesthetically pleasing, but yeah, in a practical sense, work great!

also, that was the most intelligent sentence i have ever written/spoken.

Great bike, but I agree with the pedals. Some track pedals would set it off nicely.

Lovely nonetheless.

lovvveee leee…

+100 on pedals, but function over form in this case i guess.

Exquisite tight lines on that frame.

Saddle looks rad, I love turbos, how does that gel one feel to ride?

feels good man.

mate perfect build, This years bike of the year voting is going to be a tough one:)

Got a close up picture of the paint?

I agree on all accounts, I run a turbo seat myself and I find it great…

really can’t get past those pedals, just go clipless and be done with it. rest of the build is nice though

I agree with the rest… Not a fan of the pedals or the saddle. I have one of those Turbo’s and they seem pretty big and bulky.

Other than that, you can’t go wrong with a Nagasawa.


Nice, but everyone’s been posting the same bikes here for a while.
Old steel frame. Well made. Nice paint. Something swapped out to be practical.
I wanna see something different.
This is GREAT don’t get me wrong, but it’s sorta, normal.