hey new to the forum finished building this about a month ago thought id put up some pics.

quality first post

Nice build. I highly comend your exclusion of DEEp v style rims.

specs, bro?

looks nice.


F*cking wow. so nice.
parts list would be good.
quality first post

Saw this on the Saint Cloud blog. Super classy build. Nice work. Welcome to the forum.

dura-ace hubs, cranks, chain ring and cog
araya rims RC540. clincher version of the njs tubulars
nitto bars, stem and seat post
kashimax saddle
Izumi chain
champ grips

these are old photos it now has flat bars

Super nice build. Just curious to what size the frame is?

very smooth, nice job.

saw this at the roobaix yesterday?

I remember seeing this in Carlton… I was the one in my car drooling and not paying attention where I was going… You looked a little puzzled.

Nice flow, nice feel, nice style, nice is nice like your bike

Good luck with that saddle.

Kashimax chew your ass out reeal good

really? damn, i’ma gon git me a kashimax tomorrow. if you want me i’ll be in my bedroom

Not too many issues with it yet. I’ve put quite a few k’s on it.

This version has more padding than your average kashimax

i like!


Needs a bigger stem.

Have seen a heap of nagasawas over here in tokyo. Pretty much anything that isn’t mamachari or a cheap ‘fixie’ has been a a nagasawa. Shame to see them sitting outside apartment blocks rusting away with the mamachari bikes.

Beautiful build!