Nago Ti in AUS

If it was my size and I trusted Italian titanium I’d ride it.

Hey Munga , is that your old frame?? QLD an all.

Looks a lot like the one that sold a few months back, complete, for a lot less

nah mine was a later titanio (monotitan).
the bititans are a bit noodly apparently.
sold mine to a guy in shitney.

stingers-da-best has a few nags hes trying to flick. all top end of the value spectrum imho. certainly better deals to be had from .eu

I may have bought your monotitan, it was a noodle. It’s now my girlfriends single speed pub bike.

colnoodle. sold mine on ebay with 9sp daytona group.

Nope. I bout just the frameset forks and seat post. Nearly killed me.

Someone please shoot me down if I am spreading misinformation but weren’t these twin tube jobs prone to failure at the BB? Something to do with them being too rigid?