NAHBS 2008

The photos have started to roll in:

Who needs carbon forks when you can have bone?

Flip those bars and you’ve got a nifty set of bullhorns…(fnaar fnaar fnaaar).

UCI legal for mass start races??

I saw an even cooler one from a year or two ago. Same sort of style except more random/chaotic. It basically looked like the frame was spun by some sort of mechanical spiders. Freakin awesome.
Try and imagine a cross between the one linked above and one of the BT bikes.

That BME guy has made some crazy stuff. There’s a lot of new stuff on his site since the last time I looked at it.

Joe Cosgrove (Frezoni) has just come back from the show with lots of stories and photos. He got a ‘highly commended’ for his paintwork on Llewellyns.

I still really want a LLewellyn. There’s just something about an Australian made lugged steel frame…

Do it.

[biased opinion]
I think Joe is a better builder than Darryl (but not as a good a businessman and promoter).

Well Joe’s name came up once or twice when I was on my search for a frame builder. I could not find ANY information on him other than a couple of random articles which had nothing to do with frame building.
Does he have a website?

No website, he does have email though.

(07) 3275 1492 Fax
(07) 3275 1442 Phone

I’m sure LWaB/ITP could send you some photos of his work. There’s at least one Frezoni getting around Melbourne that I’ve seen too.

Also, Stories! Do tell!

Joe built my 1999 bike for 1200km Paris-Brest-Paris with raked seatstays (mainly for looks) and a battery mounting. It is still my main mileage bike, also 1400km London-Edinburgh-London, a couple of 1000km brevets and loads of shorter one. I think it was the first S&S-coupled bike ever built in Australia (according to Steve) and is just about due for a repaint.

Some other snippets, off the top of my head:
Just finishing off a hub-geared commuter cycle for a very short lady (has trouble reaching light switches).
Built heavy-duty touring bikes, one with frame fittings for a seriously beefed-up Yak-type custom trailer.
Built the bike for a bloke who took the Australian hour record.
Built racing bikes with paired seat tubes merging into a single tube and other weirdies.
Built a couple of recumbents and tandems.
Builds TIG (certified), lugged (753-certified) and lugless.
One of the few builders I’ve come across who can built lugless frames using silver as well as bronze (takes superb torch control).
Built mostly with steel (for over 20 years) but has done some aluminium frames (occasionally with carbon stays).
Has an excellent selection of tubing (want an '80s or '90s-style aero-tubed frame or track-specific tubing?)
Repairs steel, aluminium and carbon frames (has been the warranty repairer for some brands) and matching graphics.
Does excellent paint and custom graphics.

As I mentioned, he isn’t a businessman or promoter…

Your Right about Joe, he’s a terrific frame builder, great bloke too, but as you state not a very good business man or self promoter either.

The finish of his work is exemplory, he worries about the tinyest spec of dust on the last coat.

I’ve said to him on several occcsions, Joe it’s only a bloody bike frame, that’s good enough, but I’ve seen him repaint a frame because of a spec no bigger than a fly shit.

He has built a Carbon Fibre Frames as well, this particular Carbon Track Frame Based on a Columbus Tube Set, the “Carbon XLR8R Plus Strada Tube Set”, was extensively modified for track specifications and was bult with a specially constructed reinforced bottom bracket, unique to Frezoni.

This frame, his first venture into building carbon fibre turned out better than he had originally expected despite his initial reservations about building carbon.

It was certainly not a cheap job but as good as anything you could hope to buy in Europe and the bonus was custom made here in Brisbane into the bargain, try buying that from Italy, one would have no chance…???

(The fares to Italy plus accomodation for a month would set you back more than the cost of the frame built here, then you would have to pay import duty as well when you got it back to OZ)

He built this frame for a local rider who eventually went to Sydney taking the frame with him, so it didn’t get much publicity here in Brisbane, unfortunately.

As usual with all his work, an excellent job, painted to perfection, stiff as a board and very comfortable to ride as well, the rider was more than impressed with the performance of the frame.

Hopefully he’ll have a website soon, watch this space. :wink:

get one.
I’m riding a mates for track. And it is amazing. The best track bike I have ever ridden, super smooth and super responsive.

I don’t know Joe but more power to 'im.

…imagine if Michaelangelo had said “hey Popey me old mate, why don’t we just give that chapel ceiling of yours a couple of nice coats of duck-egg blue?”…