Naked Legnano (sans paint)

Sexiest frame i’ve seen in a whiles (for lovers of old steel). Ends shortly, I was gonna pull the trigger but too big for me. Missing paint, headbadge and seatpost bolt … so it’s a long haul resto. Then again part of me loves it just as it is.

Vintage MID 1960’S LEGNANO FRAMESET CAMPAGNOLO_________ | eBay

You buy, I paint, we sell = profitz??:stuck_out_tongue:

Its always cool seeing old frames without paint.

How does the seat post bolt work? I dont see how it would clamp?

Clamps under the top tube seat tube junction. Nice.

Looks like what is old is new again…

This has been up for ages. It’s way too small but i cannot believe no one has snapped it up :frowning:


I’ve never been able to sell a frame once it’s painted. I feel attached.

Anyone have a pic of one complete with decals and badge etc from this era by any chance?

Legnano Roma Olympiade | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
1958 Legnano Roma Olimpiade
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