Name-less & serial-less Nervex Project


saw this on ebay a month or so back looks like you got a pretty good deal.

what are your plans for the build?

I thought i bid but didn’t expect to win

Came with Superbe 144bcd 165, no njs stamp cranks and random chrome road forks.

So buffed the cranks and forks up, got araya gold tubs laced to DA gen 1 for it and need to get nitto bars and stem

Painted it today - dark purple with flakes.

pics up tomorrow

DAs goin on this bart?..look forward to the final pics!


Looked great Raw Bart! Did you do the stripping! May need to employ your skills unless the FOA #OccupyHillman movement is successful!


You’re keen, started! Everything removed off the frame. Deciding on paint or not, selling shit to fund new group and yeah lol


nice colour

Want full 600 tricolour? including wheels & headset

Nice Bart!

Did you get the rear bridge done???

Chimpy, PM’d


deep drop


liking the build, black and chrome never gets old.


Fork crown “A” is Abeni (Europa) panto.

Don’t wish to rain on your parade but I dont think BSA ever made steel frame tubing. Lugs and BB fittings, yes … but you don;t have them on your frame.

Likely you’ll have Reynolds tubing on that frame (probably 531 but short of chopping it up and doing some kind of chemical analysis you’ll never know for sure) … it could be Acles & Pollock but that was much cheaper and not something they’d use with premium (upmarket) lugs like the Nervex Pro series you have. Some many not be aware that Reynolds tubing was also manufactured in Australia under license by the British Tube Mills company (search for Reynolds BTM) in SA and Newcastle. Whether English or Aussie made, the tubing’s the same.

Fwiw … it looks like a locally made frame by my guesstimate.

Looks nice, whatever it is.