NDF makes Fyxomatosis


That jersey must be worth at least $347,023 at the latest ebay rates!

But what did Nath have to do with a vintage Saronni? I would have preferred to see the ‘grand-daughter’* that was mentioned riding it! :wink:

(*unless anyone in the know could advise me that ndf was a more pleasing substitute?..)

Maybe NDF is the granddaughter…

…beat me to it.

His Jersey was the same colour as the bike!!

I think the point might be that Nath’s a good bloke too.

I got distracted by the bum on the left :wink:

welcome to the forum lisanne :smiley:

Thanks Steve :smiley:

I am just new to the whole track/fixed thing but have seen NDF down at DISC the past few Tuesdays - good to put a name to a face :slight_smile:

HAHA ace! Yeah say hi next time! I’m pretty new to the whole track thing too - and LOVING it :slight_smile:

btw: the bum on the left belongs to Scott.

Good to hear I am not the only newbie around, but I am not that fast in general, still ‘building up to it’

So if I say hello to you on Tuesday you can point out who Scott is? :wink: BTW, I do like the jersey you wear and bike you ride :slight_smile:

I will be the one who looks like they don’t belong on a track bike but I am only doing the warm up, not racing yet… although the following week I will have my new Specialized Langster Comp… but I will still look like I don’t fit in :wink: heheh :smiley:

Hey the Saronni bike reminds me of a Colnago??