near misses

farrrrrrrrrk! what happened?! trust you’re somewhat ok…??

daaaannggg…good to see your still able to post thoough

hope nothing to serious on you bruh

Jaysus. Hope you’re OK.

Yeah, I’m ok, just a bit of bark off…the poor bike took the full brunt of it.

Had a head on with a electric bike, she was going uphill at about 20kph and I was going the same coming the opposite direction. There is this weird little merge lane thing (it’s fucking stupid really) on the shared path that has the concrete barrier on one side and the curb on the other, so when she started looking at the pretty trees and crossed into my path I had nowhere to go…Boom.

Hope you and her both are okay - be sure to check if she was riding a legal pedal assisted ebike or one of the less legal types of e-bikes, as that changes the outcome should you want the damage to your bike compensated.

She was fine, her bike would’ve weighted 15kgs+, no details were exchanged and she rode off.

Dude that sucks. Her fault and she should be paying

I had a near miss today with a giant fresh dog shit.
The thought of having dog shit coating the inside of my fenders for the day is a nightmare

I road through an absolutely massive one this morning. Created a literal shitstorm that is now caking my tyres, bottom bracket shell and down tube.

Luckily, completely missed my person/clothes. Have retired it to the basement at work til such a time that it dries and falls off.

not bike related, but nearly t-boned some moron in a maserati last night with my hilux. turned right across me at an intersection on lygon st just after a downpour. 100m later i nearly hit a pedestrian drunkenly doing the same.

TC - would’ve quite enjoyed totalling a maserati at their expense. killing a pedestrian… notsomuch

I knew it was her fault but I was fucking livid and basically asked her to leave - in not so many words -(she tried to say I was going to fast, which I probably was, but she didn’t take kindly to my retort of “you wouldn’t know how fast I was going because you weren’t fucking looking”)

I’ll deal with the cost, frame looks fine so I’m hopefully only up for a set of Alpinas.

Dog eggs are the worst.

interesting place where forks sheard off, below the shoulders?

aluminium crown and carbon legs, the bond failed

ah, that makes sense.

Exactly this, can take pics if you want but really not that interesting.

Slowing down into a red light on Nepean Hwy, just as I start to roll alongside a truck the lights change. I changed down gears and went to stand up to get going again.
However the gears slipped and next thing my foot shoots off the pedal and I’ll trying to keep it upright and not end up under the truck.
Thought I had another bike on my wheel too but fortunately he was far enough back.

Nepean Highway Hubbard episodes should be its own subgenere. Saw a bloke going flat out on a belt drive flat bar the other day, mad lad.

Traffic was backed up turning left on to Victoria at the top of Arden St this morning. I worked my way to the front and was just starting to turn left in front of a stationary car when light turned orange and for some reason my spidey sense started tingling and I slowed up just in time as some schmuck zoomed up on the inside through the tram stop and missed me by about 6 inches and continued on through the red light.

Car pulled out on my this morning, managed to wash enough speed off to not end up splattered over his bonnet. Front wheel gave his front guard a good nudge - my language was colourful.

I had the same situation as Ezy yesterday.
Had just left a home center and a silver Prius rolled a stop sign and started turning right in front of me. He blocked the road before he saw me coming and just stopped. Slammed my brakes and skid right into the corner of his bumper. Bumper got shoved in a good bit, and my crotch got a high speed saddle jammed into it. Otherwise all fine. I had some choice words for the guy. He just looked bewildered and stared at the ground.
Sitting quite wide legged at the office today. Probably going to be tender for a while.

Considering myself lucky. I had a friend get hit and killed last December while crossing a road (inattentive driver), and a similar situation with a friend’s son’s friend right after his middle school graduation. Kid survived but was in a coma for a bit.

That’s pretty rough, sorry to hear. Glad you’re OK.

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