Neat road (Sydney)

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Looks like made for 27" wheels though. Fair bit of clearance there and no guard eyelets.

Its only got 20c tyres on it and rear wheel is slammed right back in the drop outs. I’d say its a 700c frame.

Looks quite nice though, the “I’d say its a Jim Bundy…” line is a bit rubbish! Got to give some evidence.

Also he obviously can’t measure tubes.

you would think for the price he is asking, he would chuck his 600 group set he is selling sep. on it and ride it.

Lotta clearance on that front tyre too. Chuck some 32’s on it, gear it down a little, commute plus. The 59 ST looks about right, but not the 54 TT. Keep telling myself I dont need it. Pretty sure I bought off this guy under a different ebay user name. Had some reasonable stuff.