Need a bike picked up and packed!

So I got a bike on ebay and need it collected and boxed up. Spoke to the seller and he said he can meet anyone around the Villawood/Macquarie Fields/Campbell Town area. Anyone on here around that way?

What’s in it for me?

When …I got some time off next week I can drive out to get it. C-town’s about 40odd kms out of town.

PM’d Rod.

a free bike :wink:

Is it worth the chance of being mugraped going out there though?

I can collect and box if needed. I’m not far from Villawood.


fuggin eastern suburb pussy… whats the matter you can still wear your ed hardy tshirt and have lines shaved in you hair just like bondi

Bondi is all bassike, ksubi and organic cotton now.

…and quifs.

Pretty sure no one on the East ever wore Hardy gear, was the Westend boys cruising for ‘chicks’ Eastside.

Yip Ed was defantly a westie gig as are shaved lines in the back of your hair, blonde tips on your bankstown mullet, rats tails and bum bags.

Also driving down to Bondi beach in your fully sick jap import, harassing pretty girls and generally been a fuck wit…

I thought there were bogans at my local beach… Then I went to bondi.

Aren’t all the ed hardy stores in sydney located in the eastern suburbs?

That is true…

Yea but the bogans at your beach live there…

Not now they’ve all gone bankrupt

has this bike been boxed and sent yet?

ed hardy = bogan

That is no longer of concern :smiley:

I prefer Ed Hardly. Same great style, 1/10th of the price.

Mohommed Hardy, amirite lolz.
For serious, I never see anyone wearing that shit.