Need cheap road bike! New in Brisbane!

Hej hej!

I need help! I’m from Sweden and will be staying in Brisbane for a couple of months, and can’t bring any of my bikes. :’( . I need help with were to look for second hand bikes or something in that style. I don’t have much money so it has to be cheap! Like really cheap! I was thinking of a old road bike, or just a male frame city bike that I can have as a project. I could also need a good alleycat! Would like to see how you folk do? If there is someone how just what to ride around maby grab a beer I’am super up for that.

try, you should find something to suit you on there

As for alleycats, nothing coming up to my knowledge. But there is roller racing next week!

Get on the Facebook and check out Bicycle market Brisbane too

Many thanks! I will probably drop by the roller racing, sounds like a good time.

Come to Pushies Galore on Sunday.

I would if I could. I land in Brisbane on Thursday.