NEED: Fixed Gear & Room from 1 July to 1 October

Hi all,

I just came across this forum because I am doing an internship in Melbourne from 1 July to 5 October this year and therefore I am looking for a room and a bike for this period of time.

I already tried but that was not not very effective regarding my room search. If anyone has a room for rent for up to AUD 150 per week, please let me know. My office is located downtown, so everything within a 30 minutes bike ride is cool :slight_smile:

Speaking of bike ride, I am looking for an opportunity to rent a bike or buy a used one and then resell it after the three month. In Germany I am doing everything by bike so this is why I don’t want to buy a crappy AUD 50,- bike which gets on my nerves after 1 mile, but at least a smooth to ride single speed/fixed.

If anyone knows if there’s a bike store who sells and (re-)buys used fixies or if anyone has too many bikes and would agree to give it away for three month, just hit me up. We can talk about a deposit and a fee for this time of course, I don’t want it for free.

If you have a better idea to get a bike for a limited time, please let me know as well. I thought about taking mine down to melbourne by plane but thats too expensive.

Just for your information I attached my bike I use to ride in Munich every day :wink:

Thanks in advance

What size bike do you ride/want to hire?

Since no one here knows you, and it’s your first post here, members her might like to know a bit more about you before they invite you into their home. Just sayin…

e.g line of work? vegan? serial killer? etc

Where’s “Downtown”?

right here

Stewie (Darth Vader): [Vader begins to choke Motti] I find your lack of faith disturbing. That property is in a prime location! Twenty minutes to the beach, twenty minutes to downtown!

Admiral Motti: [choking] There’s nothing to do downtown!


oh, so docklands then?

Of course I’m willing provide some more details about me before renting a room/bike. Sure we can meet before we arrange things:) I just wanted to wait if there’s any response at all.

I am 28 years old, going to work in a law firm in the city. I have never been to Melbourne or even Australia so I would be interested in some rides/beers as well!

@MikeD: Frame size is 57cm (center of BB to top of TT). I think +/- 1cm will not hurt at all

If you need any specific information (e.g. favorite color) just ask :-X


Just buy a cell Fixie for $199.

Cheaper than renting and you don’t have to worry about damaging someone else’s bike!

Can’t help with the room though sorry

This is the best idea. Won’t win you any style points, but it’s cheap and fuss-free. Just give it to a local bikes-for-refugees group or something when you leave.

Just out of interest, what is your favorite colour?

oh JDL, my favorite color is you.

a lawyer? you’ll need a colnago then.

Surely any self-respecting lawyer rides a Parlee these days?


okay cool, if 199 AUD thingies dont break after one day, that seems to be an option! do they have local stores or only online ordering?

You’ve never been to Australia? Watch the fuck out for drop bears, hoop snakes and vegemite…