Need Help.. WHeels wheels wheels.

Hi Guys,
nevermind… stupid question… mods please delete… not asking for help anymore =)


Surely if you managed to build that thing you posted in “post your ride” you know the difference between tubular and clincher and what size wheels your bike takes? That’s not the sort of bike that just falls together:

This stuff is very easily found out with some basic google searching. People here will just give you shit.

youd be better off asking your friend who the built the bike for ya =)

do your research, you can never know too much.

and this is probably a perfect example of the necessity for a n00b question forum mods, might save a bit of flaming?

Looking at his other thread suggests to me that sometimes people need flaming …

rich kids are always going to piss the rest of us off, but flaming someone is pointless… it just feeds elitism, i’d rather educate the kid than tear him a new one via teh int3rw3bz.

as easy and fun as it would be.

the n00bs educating the n00bs, might actually help the forums?

thanks for the help guys, but my friend built me the bike… i had no idea what size wheels they are and wether it is clincher or tubular. yeh i think ill just ask my friend that built my bike to help me with the wheels once i get a hold of him and when his not busy. wont bother you guys anymore

its amazing how many people judge you even before they get to know you… just to clear things up, im not some rich kid who is spoilt and gets everything they want. how bout this for a fact, long story short, i came here when i was 8, been working my ass off since i was 12, didnt go to uni, my family is so poor that my mother was sold when she was little, we were an illegal immigrant for 10 years here in Aus, now PR. managed to save some money to buy a car, sold it, spent some money on the bike and the rest for a deposit on an mortgage. still think im rich? sorry but i just work alot and like to spend my money on something nice. not ashamed of who i am =)

Seven Hills and Bondi !!!

Curious to know how you are a Westie and a Wanker at the same time? Or is it Hillsong creep and Wanker :wink:

(… don’t worry I’m both)

/// anyways, the wheels stuff is all here … just google or use the search button. Careful with buying stuff on ebay if you aren’t exactly sure what you’re getting or what to ask for/expect. It sounds like a recipe for disaster.

thanks… i live in seven hills and work at bondi junction… and im a westie and a wanker…

If you ask a question that could be answered with 5 minutes of googling anywhere on the internet youre going to meet up with some people who feel like youre wasting their time! …And that has nothing to do with your background or who you are its just good net etiquette.

These simple searches should help get you started though… with a bit of research you should be able to get what you want

what is the difference between clincher and tubular wheels

what are the different bicycle tyre sizes 27" 700c

carbon disc wheel reviews

When you get stuck on more technical questions I think you’ll find the people on this forum much more accomodating.

happy googling (from one noob to another)

yeh thanks for the info, much appriciated. lesson learnt =)

good man :wink: