Need some Lycra?? Get it here......

Hey there Guy’s and Gals.

High End Cycles on Victoria Street in Northcote is closing down. They are having a 50% off all stock in the store.

Please go in there and buy up. They are getting out and we should reap the benefits. I bought a CSC Skin Suit for only $100!!!

Cio Hipsters

Skin Suit Bad

Only for racing in. That way i dont have to be the only old fat fuck geting around looking like i shouldn’t…

By the way what is it with Super Commuters and Team CSC??
If had a buck for every time i saw a 40 something dude on a hybrid in a full CSC team kit.

Bonus points if they are wearing a vest over it, and a 20 year old Bell helmet


A lot of them actually work for CSC - they have an office down your end of town (my bride works there)

Well how about that!

Zing! ha ha ha :smiley:

$10 Cinelli bar tape! Stoked.

What the fuck makes a bike shop shut up these days.
More people are riding, pub transport is stacked full and expensive and cars just park up on freeways.
If you don’t want to do it sell it to someone that does or re-invent yourself.

It was tucked away in a not real busy street, no real promotion of the business, everything in the place was MEGA $$$$$$$$, and they were only open midday to 6pm 5 days.

I sent LOTS AND LOTS of people there when they came into my shop looking for specific Lycra as we never really carried much and still don’t.

Shame too cause he seems like a nice guy!