Need some new kit? Don't buy this stuff... "Rugged Bloke"

Rugged Bloke

Entirely hilarious and disturbing at the same time… Make sure you download one of the wallpapers for your desktop. I have the Opera House one…

Rugged Bloke was started by young entrepreneur Nick Browne. In the making for five years, Nick was determined to design comfortable cycling wear that looks awesome and performs well against the elements. Nick’s inspiration began after continuously seeing ugly cycling kits during morning rides: “Even to this day, I am so sick of seeing guys wearing boring and unimaginative jerseys, plastered with useless advertising.”

Wowsers McTrousers…

I’m sympathetically embarrassed for this Nick Browne

Oh wow. Those kits are uniformly horrible.

is this for real? really?

Beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, perfect. These are four words.

none of which relate to these products

It’s the southern cross tattoo that really makes it…

PS: Are the wallpapers supposed to be really homoerotic? I mean more than cycling already is?

5 years? Faaark, really? That’s just a sad waste of human life.

(although I don’t mind the Splat one).


Nick could teach Rapha a thing or two about visual merchandising. What a visionary!

His knicks look splattered with some horrendous tropical gastrointestinal disease.

I try not to bag products or people’s bikes if they are of different taste to mine etc but for the love of God I hope he hasn’t invested his lifesavings into this venture.

This guy is a legend.

“with 20% spandex, it allows for the legs to move in that circular motion…” - Nick Browne

“the rear pockets can be used for storage of medical supplies for adventure riding…” - Nick Browne

I think I know where we’re going for TDR kit next year…

Why doesn’t he have a shirt on? Is it really hot under the studio lights? I’m so fucking confused…

no shirt - relative of H?

and speaking of TDR, where’s your write-up of the xmas carnivale??

I like my cycling kit how i like my blokes… ugly as fuck.

Gotta be a wind-up. No-one in cycling has a southern cross tattoo.

referring to the chamois as a “pad”? fail.

he’s right about the full length zip though.