Need some quick advice

Anyone know anything about these wheels, opinions/thoughts.
Seems pretty cheap especially with the 30% off.

Also if they’re decent-ticks the right boxes.
Then if someone is maybe intrested we could arrange joint postage?

Link:NEW VUELTA PISTA TRACK BIKE FIXED GEAR WHEELS WHEELSET - eBay Bicycle Parts, Cycling, Outdoor Sports, Sporting Goods. (end time 12-May-10 07:24:33 AEST)

Thanks in advance

Looks like a rebranded Novatec hub, which is ok but nothing great. But at that price you can get some Velocities. I know what I’d be buying. For even less you can get some Weinmanns.

There is heaps of information on this site about cheap wheelsets if you do a search. I’d recommend doing that before one of the mods realises you’re hitting 25 posts in a very short space of time.

Fair enough, but i was putting the arranged postage out there.
Thanks for the advice…

Unsure sure about these as i havent seen them before.
As an option I’ve bought 2 sets of Halo Aerorage wheels off Wiggle in the last 18 months and for the money they are great.

Novatechs (and all the other names they’re sold as) are really good. They’re well made, not too heavy and priced very well. I’d go the Novatechs over Velocitys any day. I don’t think there’s much between them but the Novatechs don’t crack locknuts like Velocitys do.

Those wheels are actually pretty deer when you add up postage and convert to aussie dollar,
You could get velocity deep vs or b43s from bells bike shop for same price maybe cheaper.