Need Supply Co. X Carytown Bicycle Company Collabo

haha this one is brilliant:
Need Supply Co. x Carytown Bicycle Company Fashionable Fixie Collaboration - Bike Rumor

Some awesome commentary too:

You all get this completely wrong. First of all, this is not just a pedestrian (p.i.) paint job, but a colorway. colorways cost much more to produce than paint schemes. Same is for the parts – on the surface, they look like cheap & standard bike stuff, but you have to factor in that they are totally hand-curated. Curation is a very high intensity mental and physical process that consumes a lot of energy and time – time of a designer-dude, and gosh these folk don’t work for cheap! All in all, I can totally see that this is quite a bargain, all things considered.

Those boots are cool though

Let’s not forget the amount of time it took to matchy matchy his shoes, saddle, bar tape, beard and vest.

Is his belt black? Fucking major faux pas.

That’s why we’re digging designer Gabe Ricioppo (from Richmond, Virginia’s Need Supply Co.) and Tim Mullins’, (from Carytown Bicycle Company) take on an outrageously cool city cruiser. At the beginning of the project, Ricioppo didn’t know jack about bikes, and Mullins and his team weren’t exactly fashionably-inclined. Now they both know everything about everything, there’s this rad, super functional, fixed-gear bike on the roads of Richmond, and the world is ultimately just a better place.


Yeh, it functions.

Jokes aside I would buy it for $1500.00. $2500.00 is kinda taking the piss

The bars are nice.

You have to swap shoes to trackstand on it though.


Doing it right:

I like how the leather vest melds into the saddle and bartape. Nice curation.

$2500 and they don’t even bother to give you a curated brake…

Here’s some more curated bullshit. Same stupid bar angle and incredibly poorly placed and supported front fender (rotate it back ~45 degrees and add a support from the rack.)

^ Not to mention the saddle angle…

It’s a Brooks, which is more of a hammock than a perch, setup with an upright position, that’s actually correct.

Good to see Blakey getting pissed at something! :slight_smile:

I’ll be silent, my shopping bike looks pretty similar.

I dont have a ginge beard and leather vest though.

the head tube just looks so wrong to me… Why is it so thick?

I’m probably missing something but with that frame mounted rack wont anything that’s actually strapped to it and the same height as the bars get in the way of actually steering the bike…

but probably more importantly despite the non traditional aproach to fender mounting they’ve failed to get the fender stays horizontal or even parallel front and rear, ammetuers :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe the belt’s colourway is ‘deep burgundy’ :stuck_out_tongue:
kinda somewhere between the colour of his boots and the colour of his rims.
quite amusing that he took his $400 boots off to do trackstands.

and would def look better with black componentry. kinda looks the whole thing is unfinished, half painted in panelbeaters’ grey

Craigeburn Camo

ha! 2500…crackpipes down.

Can we add the LVMH polo bike to this thread. Plus, Aurumania, the one wrapped entirely in leather…