Need to buy a lock - tonight :/

Left mine at home so need to buy an “emergency” one on the way to the pub tonight. I’ll go past BSC & Cecil (maybe others?) on the way from Southbank to Vic Market - any suggestions:

a) Most likely store to get a reasonable price (know anyone at a store?)
b) A make/model to look for - semi-cheap is ok as it’s just a spare and I’m fund limited this week.

Should have thought to post this a few hours ago… oh well.

I was in a similar situation a while back, I bought the smallest ABUS GRANIT lock from BSC. Its a great lock, not was wide as the kryptonite so it slides in your back pocket or your belt.

It was about a hundred bucks if I remember though…

and i believe BSC in the city are open later on fridays.