need to identify this pursuit frame !

Hey guys, I bought this frame out of Balmain Bikes a few years ago. The guy I bought it off thought it was a Gefsco, he also thought it was Columbus tubing. I was never really sure, and met with Geoff yesterday at the Classic Bike Show in Tempe. Geoff had a good look at the bike, and he knew it wasn’t one of his, namely due to there being no spade cutout on the BB shell, or spade around the G pantograph on the forks, or the way the track ends are welded to the frame. Its also Tange tubing. There is another pursuit bike in Sydney that is a Gefsco, with very similar geometry, and up until yesterday I thought it was a sister-bike to that bike. Nevertheless, the bike remains a mystery, can anyone help identify it ? its got some distinct features including the crosses on the BB shell, the triple indents on the headtube, rearward facing seatpost bolt, campagnolo headset and front hub, and came with zeus pedals/toestraps. cheers.

^ The only identification you need is that it’s fucking awesome.

Oooh…twisted spokes. Was never convinced about that.

I remember this being on eBay a while back with drops on it! Rad bike, also never convinced on the twisty spoke thing. Can’t help with ID but what are your plans for it?

super surprised it isn’t a Geoff Scott!

Yeah I was really surprised as well when Geoff said it wasn’t his. Plan is to find the highest quality 24" for the front, whatever that may be…not sure how difficult it will be sourcing that. Would love a disc for the rear, whatever I can find and dont have to take out a mortgage for, Record Pista track BB and chainset to go with the front hub and headset, new paint job. Not a big fan of the crowsfoot lacing either, but it goes round and thats all I need atm.

^ To be pedantic, crow’s foot lacing isn’t twisted:

…although the internet seems to think it is.

Just wondering if it could be an early Brian Hayes build? Surely there weren’t too many Aussie builders making mental lo-pros like that. Although I guess it could be an immigrant.

Brian Hayes, Joe Cosgrove Jim Bundy are all worth a shot, surely those x in the bb are a clue

Ah thanks for the correction. Im thinking it might be an immigrant, apparently the way the seat post is tightened was common for french frames, Gitane maybe

^ Grub nut? Nah, that was just the way they did it with the aero seat tubes. See my McBain.

Ah, nice. Damn, widens the potential builders again then. haha


some improvements for my lo pro…straps on their way

frame still unknown, feel free to drop a line if you have any ideas…