Needing new tyres! any recommendations?

got a charge plug racer a few months back and love it but it is time to step away from the stock standard tyres and get some better ones, plus my rear is pretty well worn and im sick of having to pump them up everyday as i ride it most days to work. Can anyone suggest a decent tyre?

I hear those "Search Functions’ are pretty good!

I’d suggest a new inner tube if you have to pump it up all the time…

wtf do you want tires for?
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i have a rubino, some nylon showing. $20

Two conti gp4000’s red/black colour, both for $60. Brand new.


Two gatorskins, used but hardly any wear. $40

Both prices not including post.

Yes sounds like you need a new inner tube.

Worth investing money into good quality tyres.

Recommended for ‘urban’ cycling (where urban means roads covered in beer bottle glass) are:

Continental Gatorskin
Schwalbe Durano Plus
Vittoria Rubino

Get some Vittoria Hyper Randos in 32c. These things are teh shit.

whats your location


though both are foldable and would post for cheapish.

haha fred flintstone style

“…some nylon showing…”

for $20? last rubinos I bought were less than that new.:rolleyes:

I can do some for $15, only one skid patch from new.

haha THAT’s funny bargains!

I wasn’t kidding, I bought a bunch from T7 for $18 each.

and I highly recommend Schwalbe Marathon Plus 28s for around town.

I think tomhall was taking the piss…

heavymetal you’ve become the official sarcasm alerter!
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vredestein fortezza tri-comp for the front (grippy, pretty puncture proof), maxxis re-fuse for the rear (cheap and good for skids)

It’s a gift.

Pretty crap in the wet. Actually very crap in the wet.

Vittoria Zaffiro. They’re cheap, you can get them in different colours, hard wearing, good cut resistance, not too heavy.