Net setup

Anyone on here know anything about getting the net setup at home?

I’m looking at an Optus package, on their site it’s saying I just order the modem/wifi bits and they send it out.

Last I checked (admiteddly a few years back) I didn’t have a line connected and it’d cost a massive amount for it to be installed, like I said the Optus site did a check and everything seemed okay.

I’ve googled pages for checking the phonelines but I can’t find anything.
Anyone work for a net/phoneline providor who can give me the straight dope?

Usually the ISP can let you know whether it’s available to your house.
So contact Optus first

I went through this at the last property i lived at…

There was a line from the exhange to the junction box at the front of the house, but nothing from the junction box to the house… as described by telstra.

In actual fact, what it means is that the cable was actually there from the junction box outside the house to the junction box at the block of flats, it just wasnt connected.

I arranged with telstra to come out and set it all up, they had 2 charges, $120 for a pre-existing connection and $300 for a new connection.

They wanted to charge me 300 because it was a new connection, yada yada. I argued and told them i was paying the $120 only because the cabling was there and it took 2 seconds to hook it up with the tech’s contraption.

TL:DR, just get your ISP to figure it all out for you, find out the indicative costs, then argue until you get a better price.

I just went online and searched for my address through the Adam Internet site. The people that lived there had two phone lines connected so there was a bit of fucking around to get the right one connected, but other than that it was easy. If I only had one phone connected like a normal house, they just have to flick the switch at the exchange or something. They posted the modem out to me and I just plugged it in.

EDIT: I have Naked ADSL 2. I don’t have a home phone connected. I used this site to see if I could get it connected in the first place. ADSL, ADSL2+, Broadband plans, Internet, Telephone, VOIP, SIM | Internet Service | Adam Australia | Internet Service | Adam Australia

Definitely worth arguing about the setup price. They will start with the usual $250-300 setup fee, you press them on this, say you will be going elsewhere, and suddenly they will ‘speak to the manager’ and offer a ‘special discount’… it’s all standard customer service bullshit.

I think I had free set up with Adam because it’s a 24 month plan and I bought the modem from them.

go through iinet/internode because they will pay for the line installation

i had my internet installed about 6 months ago here and i can confirm 100% this is what they do

A mate recommdnded TPG, they have a really cheap unlimited naked boroadband plan ($60), but when I go to sign up it asks me for a landline number which I don’t have (I thought that was the whole point of having naked).

Optus can seem to sign it up no problem but it’s $100 as opposed to TPG and they’re not asking for a landline number.

I’m confused, no wonder the machines always win in the end.

TPG is okay, I’m with them. Maybe give em a call and find out what the deal is. Even if you don’t have a landline there still has to be a phone line connected to get the naked thing, I assume this line has to have a number associated with it.

Or maybe I don’t have a clue.

I have Naked and I just had to have a phone line that had been connected before. I didn’t have to pay for a reconnection fee or anything for the phone line. I do have a number now for VOIP, but I’d have to plug a phone into the modem.

I see that, every site I go on is saying I can set it up but only TPG are asking for a number.
As far as I’m aware the house has never had a line, but I couldn’t be 100 percent certain.

Does anyone know if there’s a site to check (I’d call but I’m at work and can’t make a call). I’ve tried a few google searches but nothing. I figured the Govt would have some way of checking, what with all this NBN nonsense.

I just had a quick search around and can’t find any online tool to check if a place has a phone connection. From what I can tell, the best bet is to call telstra and ask them.
If your house has never had a line you’re gonna have to get some sort of line installed even if you go naked. Naked just means you don’t have a voice service, you just use the line for data.

Put your home address into this: Naked DSL - super-fast Naked Broadband | Adam Internet | Connecting SA and it will tell you whether or not you can get a connection.

EDIT: That’s all I did.

I’ve been with TPG for 5 or 6 years now… woeful customer service, but the price/speed is right.

You do need a line connected to your house to go ‘naked’ and that line will have a number associated with it.

They require the number to check that you can get the service.

A quick call to Telstra can verify if you indeed have a line and a number. Similarly plugging a phone into the wall and checking to see if there is dial tone is a way to check if you have a line.

NBN Checker | Check NBN Availability at your Address

Called telstra, house has an active line. However they need me to go and buy a handset to check for the actual number of the line…
To be honest the allure of the internet has kind of waned after all this net searching, phonecalls and arsefuckery… I think I’ll just stick to renting from the library and overpriced mobile bills, actually seems easier.

The couple of times in 4 years that we’ve had dropping out issues I’ve had pretty good customer service. Never bothered with phoning them cos I hate phones, I just do everything online. Might’ve even contacted them through a (non-tpg) message board one time. Always been pretty quick.

Mate, I can help you out with a handset if you have a phone socket to plug it into.
The phone number is irrelevant but it’s the ‘easiest’ way to find out the the copper wire you’re on.
So does Telstra say you can connect a handset and dial a ‘special/service’ number that will tell you what the exchange thinks your number is?
I’m pretty sure that when the telco disconnects you Telstra leave the line ‘live’ so you can always dial 000 in case of an emergency and to allow a tech to workout while your number is/was.

PM me if you want to follow this up.

I’m on naked. There hadn’t been a phone connected in my place for a couple of years when I moved in, and I’ve never had a number to go with it. All I needed to provide was my address and the ISP figured it all out from there. I’ve even changed ISPs since, and all the new ISP needed was my address.

BTW: I’ve been on mynetfone for years now - $49.95/month for 200GB (yes, two hundred). No line rental or any other fee. Never had a single issue, never ever. They’re awesome.

Same. I just chucked my address into the Adam link that I have posted three times now. Naked DSL - super-fast Naked Broadband | Adam Internet | Connecting SA

EDIT: If you’ve got a socket in the wall, your house has a phone line. The phone number is irrelevant.