Netti Sale Melbourne

Netti sale in Melbourne is on from July 29 - August 1st at Port Melbourne Town Hall… 333 Bay Street Port Melbourne

time to buy some new gear…

I have some ancient netti arm warmers that have lasted me really well thus far but now need replacing, attending!

Fluoro jackets for everyone!!!

Everything will be one colour.

I need some shoe covers!

Ten bucks!!! Got me some at the sydney sale. Feets now toasty.

well i went tonight, and i bought stuff…

plenty of colours too

all sizes… from s to 3xl from what i saw

accessories were $15 (gloves, booties, warmers)
nix $25
rain jackets $60 (which was the most expensive item there)

more stuff too but i cant remember

plenty of help from the staff too…

Goosh, it is indeed good and i managed to pick some bibs and a fleece, but aren’t you spruiking it a little hard mate?

Picked up arm warmers, knee warmers, vest and long sleeve Cinettica jersey/jacket thing for $95

Good genuine sale