New Backpack


Im looking at buying a new backpack for my commute to and from school because my current bag is too small for books, clothes, laptop, and sometimes shoes.

From what ive read,

New Crumpler bags are shit quality

Timbuk2 arent that great…i think…cant remember if it was them

Chrome bags are great

But atm these are the ones im looking at:


Chrome Roll-Pack


what are you opinions?

I’ve got a new crumpler. Well… 2 years old crumpler.
Its great quality. I abuse the shit out of it and its holding up great.

I’ve got a very old crumpler which had its first repair earlier this year (for free) and I reckon they are great…

I love my Crumpler. The older it gets the sweeter it gets. I don’t know how I lived without it.

Are there more school kids here everyday or is it just me?

Deuter. A couple of people I know have them and they’re pretty enamored with them as well.

I have also been on a similar mission lately.

I had a look at the Crumpler Mahoubar the other day.
Looks good and seems comfy to carry.
The shoulder straps though are really thin and seem
like they would dig in with some weight in the bag.

The Chrome Backbone looks like a good bag too and I keep hearing really good things about them. From the pictures on the their site the pockets seems to be posistioned a bit better than the crumpler and the material seems a bit stronger too.

Looking at the specs and prices for both bags I’m thinking I’ll go with the Chrome.
Seems like a better bag, more pockets, more color combos if thats your thing and the material a bit tougher.

All in all though they are pretty similar bags and i guess it comes down to which ones features sound better and which bag looks better.

I have the Crumpler in your pic (the biggest version out of three sizes).

Here are my thoughts:

  1. Quite comfortable in cycling position, not so when just carrying it around walking
  2. The waist straps are rubbish, took them out straight away
  3. Lots of usable space. This is my grocery bag (mainly) and fits the job perfectly
  4. Straps are very thin … very little padding
  5. One year of use and seems to hold up nicely
  6. Slightly too big (in terms of fit, not volume)* for me as I am a smallish person (165cm tall, 59 kg)

*The size of the bag dictates how far apart the straps are which for the largest sized bag is too far apart for my shoulders. The medium bag would fit me better but I wanted the volume of the large and went for that since I rarely commute very far with a heavy load anyway.


Is there a retailer in AUS for Chrome Backpacks? Or do you have to deal with them directly and have the pack sent via international?

From memory, SPOKEN in St Kilda have them.

I got mine from Chrome direct, it arrived in about 3-4 days. The downside is the delivery cost which is $US60.00.

i was looking at the chrome roll tops again today, and found these guys Outdoor clothing & gear: selling them for $20 less then chrome, and i imagine postage is a lot cheaper too.
I really want to gauge size in the flesh first, but i don’t think anyone in melbourne has one.

don’t you have an official school backpack?

don’t make me send you to the office for a uniform pass…

gear i think is authorized.

I’m about to buy a Chrome Warsaw from that site, LAM. I’ll be in the States on Monday so shipping will be free, so it’s a decent price for a huuuuuge fkn bag.

One Planet, made in 'Straya.

I really want to gauge size in the flesh

notice my poor choice of words :expressionless:

Deuter - for substance over style. Esp if you have any distance to do.

The internal frame design means much of the loaded weight is taken on your hips, not hanging from your shoulders. I carry heavy books, files, laptop etc etc in mine on a 25-30k (each way) commute and barely notice it. Done up properly it will barely move on you. Messenger bags I’ve tried have my shoulders and back screaming for relief.

and the airmesh back is as good as ventilation gets, esp for summer.

Dean Woods Direct is usually pretty good for price on them.

I own the Deuter backpack you have pictured and it is great. It isn’t very large however, and not really suited to keeping books and what not in. It keeps your back from getting sweaty though which is why it replaced my old crumpler. The crumpler was great because you could fit heaps in it but the Deuter is by far the more comfortable option. Really well made too and they have all sorts of handy pockets and straps…even a rain cover!

For taking a change of clothes to work the Deuter wins, but for school or uni the Crumpler just pips it purely because of the ease of access to your books.

on a serious note, i have that exact deuter. it rules. i rode with it on my back for 2 months around cuba, no complaints.

and plus, it has advice for how to be saved in a snowstorm sewn into the inside. in english and german!

Aesthetically however, the Deuter is boring as bat shit IMO… nerd alert! :evil: