New bars - Advice

Looking into Nitto 019/021’s (Maybe TT’s)

or some Nice Cinelli Drops…

Anyone used them? Advice? I’ve been riding ‘Flop and Chops’ and quite like the bull horns… but those mod 64’s are pretty…

the top ones are gross ide rather drop bars they make the bike look so much cleaner and feel good

Just go the Cinelli drops. I run them on one of my bikes and they’re the best bars I’ve used.

Not so much about the look. I’ve got a 57 square frame, so it stretches me out enough without lowering me anymore than I already am. Just seeing if anyone had experience with nitto bulls.

Also if there was enough hand space close to the stem on the 021’s

I have cinilli drops on my velo frame which I’m going to set up in the next two weeks, I’ll see after that, it’s got a 100 stem instead of a 120 which should ease up on the back a little.

are you definately sold on the idea of bullhorns with drop like the nittos?

maybe something without drop would help on the larger frame aswell.

I personally think bullhorns without any drop looks nice and simpler… they also give more hand position on the tops.

i rode some Profile Design ‘Stoker 26’s’ a couple of years ago when i first went fixed and they were alright…

although i did get them cause i could route the cables through them from my quickstop lever.

just my 2c Yimmy!

I’ve got em, on a 57 frame too and I’m 184cm. They are pretty good but the hand position on top takes some getting used to. Not enough flat to catch a full hand of grip on either side, but it doesn’t bother me much. You end up using some odd hand positions but I find them pretty comfy.

I have to say the extra drop does make you feel a bit more stretched out when you’re fully extended, definitely more than my roadie which is basically the same size frame with drops. Maybe try some flat bullhorns.

I’ve got Nitto RB021 bullhorns on my wet weather fixed. I find that I can’t really ride next to the stem at all like I do with drops (and with risers when I want to get more “aero”), but it gives me three decent hand positions. I feel more stretched out with the bullhorns, but the frame is smaller than my Malvern Star.

I also have 3ttt drops that I was running for a while, but found that riding on the street with them wasn’t that comfortable. Sure they looked cool, but it didn’t seem as practical as risers or bull horns.

Nitto Noodle - I love 'em

flatter on the top of the curve than most drop bars and slightly swept back which I have grown to like a lot. Otherwise those cinellis look the biz.