New Bike Build

Figured this would make a worthy first post. After thoroughly enjoying my converted roadie, I’ve been feeling the itch to get a better (smaller) sized frame, and then figured I wanted to do a whole new build with a frame that’s not only better sized, but prettier, since I’ve managed to put aside a bit of money over the holidays.

I’ve been planning the build for a month or so now, with a better idea of what parts I want after time spent riding and reading, with most of my time spent trying to decide on - and track down - the ideal frame. After many weeks of thought, I’ve found myself returning to

I like what I’ve read, the price point is just right for me, aesthetically and structurally it’s just what I’m looking for. And testimonies I’ve come across are encouraging (though dated) but I’m having some real issues contacting them to see if they’ve got plans to bring in more stock. Email seems to bounce back and Joseph hasn’t been active on twitter for a little while. There’re a few promising bits of info I’ve found (such as this tweet from July 2011), but at this point I’m chasing ghosts.

TLDR: Hoping someone’s got some more recent info on Viking Cycles, very keen to base my build around one of their frames.

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Also, someone on here has a Viking track. I think it was chrome. Looked tuff. Search for it…

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that viking got sold not long ago, was very nice

just get a colossi

what he said.

Have you got a link? I haven’t been able to find prices, and the models I’ve seen so far have paint jobs which I really don’t need since I’m just interested in a plain black frame (related to this, not sure whether decals would be removable). The Viking appealed to me because of this, and because of the chromed track ends.
What makes the colossi a better choice?


Colossi a better choice,

1 - They are available/in stock
2 - For the same coin you will drop on a Viking you could get a Custom Built colossi to your size/spec
3 - Off the shelf model’s are nice/classic styled/cheaper so you can get better parts

and, supporting a local shop.

Are you sure you could get a custom built one for the same price? I’ve had a look at their catalogue but haven’t been able to find pricing, but from what I’ve seen I’m a bit skeptical of a custom built frame for $600 aus.
And the off the shelf models are unfortunately not what I’m looking for, or, if they are, are significantly more expensive (at least at Gear Shop Brisbane). I’m pretty set on a number of criteria which I’ve found limits the options open to me in a certain price range (one of which being a viking).
Thanks for the tip though, I’ll keep researching colossi.

If there’s anyone though who’s had contact with Viking recently it’d be great to hear from you.

Don’t forget shipping from Norway will drive your price up!

Not telling you not to get a viking, but a company that has no stock, no contact, on the other side of the world, wouldn’t get my business!

There are other bikes in your price range, Cinelli Gazetta’s etc. but that meeting that criteria, I do not think you will have much choice!

Yeah it’s looking rather grim.
That said, I’m not in a real rush as I’ve got my trusty roadie conversion, and I’m not fussed with used frames, so if a second hand one came along that ticked my boxes I’d snatch it up. While I’ve seen the Alien a mate got in 2010 and liked what I’ve heard from a user on these forums (mentioned above) about contact with the company, that was a while ago, and things do change.
Thanks again for the tip re colossi - every new brand I become away of makes it easier to determine what I want and what’s out there.

Dunno what Pelizzoli’s are worth but check them out!

easy way to get what you want (if fixed on black w/ chrome tips)

  1. buy old track frame that looks sweet
  2. strip it of components and paint
  3. get it chromed/painted/dipped in gold/patina’d
  4. profit

Anyone know of a decent place in Syd that could chrome parts if I were to bring in a raw frame?

If you can live without chrome track ends, Brother Cycles do a nice black frame - I imagine the decals wouldn’t be too hard to remove.

Thanks for the link, these look like a good option. And really, chromed track ends isn’t the major concern for me (and could always be done later).

any one noticed this…

Viking Cycles ©2009-2010 | Sentrumsbygget 3145 Tjøme Norway | Org 986947914 |

fuck this kinda rubbish brahhhhh

i got an x world champs frame set built by one of the better Australian frame builders in amazing condition 4 years ago for $600 when proper track/njs/sherifstar shit was at it’s peek in pricing…

tight geo…you could drive a fucking bus between the down tube and the front wheel…

get on ebay, gumtree, trademe , or craigeslist and buy a real fucking track frame… the hipsters don’t want em( too expensive ) the thai mafia are dead and the old boys that know whats what around here have more than they could ever ride or better things to throw their monies at…

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