new bike day

I christen this ‘sexual intercourse bike’
allegro track.
steel frame
run of the mill components
yay back on fixed after a year not bothering to fix my old hub which stripped out

looks sweet and clean. dig the black seatpost
did u just buy the frame and do up parts yourself?

Looks smick :smiley: Seats up a bit high though eh? Or just showing it off?

this came as a pre-built, the only thing i added was the white seat and the brakes
the seat has to be up that high, i’m pretty tall :stuck_out_tongue:

isnt that uncomfortable having to bend over so much. looks sweet though

looks nice, what cranks are you running?

Just some generic ones man. I haven’t had them apart yet to see if the bottom bracket has anything written on it.

Chucked on some risers and BO strap ons yesterday, much more comfortable

very clean bike

IMO, stick a white chain on. I just reckon that if you’re gonna have 2 colors, then have either 1 or 3 occurrences of the color.
I could just be being a tossbag, but I reckon it’d add a bit of balance.

Some track bars, to replace those anatomic bars, would set it off nicely.