New bike.

hey fellow camberrans, check my new build, i’m now running a volume thrasher, fkin love it.

Frame: Medium Thrasher
Fork: Fu Manchu
Bars: Volume trickster
Grips: Animal edwin
Stem: Proper micro lite
Headset: Backbone
Cranks: 165 demo’s with Volume krull, 44t chainring
Pedals: Odyssey with BO straps
Rims: Alex g6000 with formula hubs wrapped 38c Cst rubber
Cog: Surly 17t
Seat: dodgy old seat from my old fuji, its super comfy though.
yeah! new hubs, seat, post and chain to come, when i get some more cashhh!

looking dope!

i ride fgfs as well and got them wheels, but havnt finished my new build yet…
how do the hubs hold up?

great colour scheme

I’m calling for barspinnz next time I see you riding this

Fu Manchu are an awesome band, and this is why I like the look of the forks…:slight_smile:

where’d you get the frame?
import from the states?

There are plenty of shops in Australia that stock Volume bikes.

Fuckin dope colour, looks great