new blog for melburn trick scene


And a short clip

rad footage, but the music reminds me about this post a certain bloger wrote
Death Race: Shotgun.

Not my choice either Gene but good none the less.
I did watch a recent motorbike one from a ride day we did back in Nov that had Battery by Metallica as the soundtrack if that makes you and others feel better.

Great job again guys. I would like to learn tricks like that but I’m afraid. Huhuhuh

Hey I moved the website to a new domain and off Wordpress!! Ha ha

Check it out!!

Edit: nevermind.


somehow i got from watching that short edit to watching 45 minutes worth of huffy slider/drift trike vids lol heaps productive arvo at work :expressionless:

nice footage! and the blog theme/identity is rad. that cover photo of the docklands post looks way gnar!

lucky i located the mute button though.