New build - advice needed

HI all,

About to go ahead with my first build. Have a track steel frame - Lennie Rogers, English BB thread. I need some advice as I have about 1000 to spend. It will be used for street/commuting. I ride a bit hard, so longevity/strength is what I’ve been looking for. z

I’ve been thinking of the following:

Phil woods Front 32H, Rear 36 (fixed/free) [Silver]- $286.50 (USD)

Rims/Spokes - not sure. Any advice? Would prefer understated, so deep V’s are out. Prefer Grey colour, but open to opinions.

3ttt t.d.f. bars, if the deal goes through.
3ttt stem

Campag 26.8 seatpost (already have - came with frame). Seat, unsure of.

Campag cranks (chorus). Pedals - don’t know.

Any advice/opinions very much appreciated. Let’s build this thing! :slight_smile:

Mavic open pro cd for the rims (dark grey), 14g dt spokes and brass nipples, and you can’t go too far wrong with phils, the only other hub you might consider would be the profile ones. I’ve got Phils laced to open pros with 14g ti spokes love em.

Saddle is really up to the individual so find a shop that will let you try out a few and go from there. Sounds like the rest is sorted. :smiley:

All sounds good.

For spokes spend a few extra bucks on 14/15g DT comps. Swaged spokes’ll get you a more durable wheel, esp if you’re using a box rim like an OP.

hahaha that made my day!

:slight_smile: Nice spot.

Thanks for the advice, everyone. I have just bought the hubs (high-flange, but not slotted), Cinelli stem (, going to get some Mavic OP’s.

Also, won a Gipiemme Crankset yesterday (, but it is 175mm. I shoulda waited for 165’s but this looked to be in great nick. Is this going to be a serious problem for road-use?

And, I am not sure about whether or not to fit a clamp-on front-brake to the track fork, but don’t want to ruin the paint, or even potentially damage the fork. I will def. run a front brake- my knees aren’t the best. I have been considering buying a drilled, lugged fork. Is this a better idea (and any clues on where to find one?)

Thanks again everyone. Really appreciate the advice.

ajg: did you win that blue lennie rogers frame which was on eBay a couple of weeks ago? i think it went for $350?

Sure did outremont! Very happy - looks better than I expected it to. :slight_smile:

what were the dimensions?
it looked sweet in the photos, paint in perfect nick.

+1 for Mavic open pro cd Rims, I’ve got them on mine and have sent them wonky a few times (busting spokes playing polo, crashed into a kerb at night etc) and they’ve come true again every time. That said, I don’t know if they make that kind any more, or what the new equivalent is.

If you’re worried about the looks, get rims with a machined surface, or else your front brake will leave you with one scruffy rim and one nice one. (assuming they’re that dark grey anodized finish or similar).