New cafe digs MELBS

[not sure if this should go here or in the Melbourne section so move if ya want]

Ok so I have been running a cafe for the last couple years and have recently pulled the trigger and bought a local cafe with intent to rebrand and reset with my own contept/brand/vibe.

new cafe will be in the lovely suburb of Flemington and is right next to Newmarket train station and a short hop from trams/racecourse rd.

At the moment it is a quaint, kitchy/cute, home-madey, mother-run cafe which does average (or below) breakfasts (eggs/baked eggs/avo toast etc) and alright coffee. The space itself is tiny and poorly laid out with a ver cluttered and congested feel.

with 13 inside and 18 outside it’s a small manageable space with heeeeaaaps of potential.

In a couple months I am going to take over, shut for a couple weeks, re-vamp/re-brand the interior with a bud helping with layout/fitout. Efficient, bright, cool.
Coffee is changing to a local Roaster who has recently started in Kensington and with it new machine/grinders/batch brew setup.
Menu is changing to a simpler more thought through array of toasted goodies and crafted granolas etc.
Vibe is going to change slightly to cater for the evolving scene and movement of the surrounding area with plans to focus on coffee and efficiency.

I am posting this to see if there were any people (melbourne based) looking for a change of scenery and wanting to work side-by-side with a sweet dude (myself) slinging mad coffee and prepping tasty treats for the people of inner northwest.

I am not a Chef and haven’t spent a huge amount of time with the food side of a cafe so it will be very new to me so someone who knows a small kitcheonette and wants to lend a clean hand with doing the sammies and some coffee.

I know coffee and do it well. I plan on being the best in the area. all I need is someone wanting to help me make this a reality. would be Full-time or close to but just testing the waters.

PM me for any info and your support will be appreciated!!!


Sweeeeet, I’ll be swinging by for a coffee.

And a toast. Toast is the best food out.

Good luck dude, sweet venture!

Congratulations lukeboy! I am over on the wrong side of the city but have friends in Kensington. So will have to drop in for a coffee when I am over that side once you open.

I will make a note to have both coffee and cooked bread for all.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Yeah sounds good. Will definitely swing by for a (Rumble?) coffee!

congrats dude. Sounds awesome!

I’ll travel for good coffee, definitely be over for a ride from Oakleigh when you get up and going. Congrats and all the best for the future!

How’d you guess it?:wink:

Was chatting to the guys at Little Nic about Rumble a few weeks ago. They like them. I’ve been meaning to get down there and try that Guatemalan SO they have at the moment…

Sweet. My side of town. Keep us posted.

they the boys at Lt. Nic are tops. baz is a close friend. Rumble’s warehouse is open to the public on Fridays FYI so check it out! I may even be there packing coffee in the morning. should come say Hi.

Going to be open in about a month errrbody!

Jump on the shops insta account for any updates. will have a Facebook/website all happening asap.

---- wolfandhoundcafe ----

looks like you’re doing things right man. nice one.

Damn I feel like one of those pulled pork rolls now. Looking good!

I vaguely remember having a coffee at the previous place in the same location a few years ago. Think it was a Melburn Roobaix coffee stop that year. Time to re-visit!

Found myself in the hood this arvo and was thoroughly impressed, both filter and espresso were on point. Food was delish too.

500m from my place. will have to check it out.

Are you still hiring? looking for some weekend work.

Went here this afternoon. Such a great place! Luke’s a super dude too. Coffee was sensational. Five stars.