new campagnolo rip-off?

ofmega, gipiemme, zeus… now this?

New Brand

If you knew your history you’d know that Campagnolo invented very little and for the most borrowed heavily on other designs and patents as well as bought or licensed innovations from smaller manufacturers. Don’t get me wrong I love Campagnolo stuff but it’s hardly innovative, although well made and long lasting.

Let’s see … Ginatullio Campagnolo invented the quick release lever in the 30’s and then his son and company invented parts that were mostly incompatible with anything else since the 80’s. They were always determined, and clever how they marketed and had the right pro teams ride on their stuff. Even the great Fausto Coppi kept switching to Simplex gears because the Campy stuff was old and not as developed other derailleurs available at the time.

BTW … Miche have been around a long time

You´re kidding right? Miche have been around for yonks. The cranks are pretty good actually.

ahh crap, can of worms. not having a go at miche, i heart em. affordable italian (apart from those sexy supertypes)
i was just having a giggle to myself about the spelling of campagnolo (companglo, say it out loud)

I got you (although that is little consolation). It amazes me that someone can fuck the spelling of something that they own so badly.


i won these cranks for $64. He may not be able to spell, but I’m fine with that.

Nice work Daniel, I wouldn’t have minded them myself (cept i’m HELL BROKE atm)