New Campy Cross stuff

I thought some may be intrested.

New 2011 Cyclo-cross Cranks And Wheels From Campagnolo - BikeRadar

Marketing BS

They are the same wheels, except they put a better seal on the hub. Fulcrum are coming out with their ‘special cx’ version of the Racing 7 and Racing 5 too. The real question is why didn’t they put the better seal on the normal road versions of these wheelsets haha?

And WTF is CART technology?

t comes with new CART (Cyclocross Advanced Racing Technology) chainrings which are claimed to offer fast and precise shifting even over rough ground or when covered in mud thanks to refined inner machining

Shouldn’t the normal road crankset be designed to do this? Why not just keep the standard crankarm design, and just offer 46/36T chainrings?

We live in an age where you need a specialized product for every niche of cycling… meh. end rant.

I hope you aren;t a real weight weenie because they make specialised products for that as well, like carbon fibre chain rings that are only good for a few hundred kms (but they are light).

True, but that falls into the ‘stupid light’ category

Extra seals can increase friction which could be a reason for not including them on the reg models. As for smaller chain rings in the standard cranks they would have to be compact ones to accomdate the smaller p.c.d is this what your saying they should do.

I think it’s nice looking kit.

I agree it’s nice!

They should have done a top pull front derailleur too.