new chain issues

So winter has basically killed my current chain so I thought I’d do the nice thing and replace it since the weather is getting better.
I got a new chain last week and put it on my bike as per usual and gave it a test ride. When putting pressure down pedalling there was a loud grinding noise so I lubed it up a bit with no success, so I took the chain off cleaned everything, relubed etc and still the same issues.
I put it down to a dodgy chain so I got another chain and installed it lastnight. Once again I had the same issues as previous which confirmed I didn’t have a dodgy chain.
My chainline isn’t perfectly straight but this has never been an issue previously.
What the hell is going on?
Has winter killed my cog and chainring?
Is my slightly dodgy chainline now haunting me?
Am I destined to have a dirty red kmc chain forever?
Please help

A few suggestions:

  1. Try a spacer next to the sprocket to tweak the chainline.
  2. New chains have to wear-in, especially if the chainring/sprocket are worn.
  3. Don’t tension the chain too much.

a) the chain might be slightly narrower.

b) the cog and chainring will have gradually worn with the chain. a brand new chain may make a slight grinding noise as the housing around the pins rub between the cogs teeth. It will go away (after quite a while) but maybe try a better cond. cog if you have a spare lying around.

c) cant think of anythign else its too early

Change lube… sometime that helps. I have a couple of different cycling ones around that work well. But I chucked on some mineral oil that came with a different piece of sporting equipment and damn if that didn’t work better than anything I’ve had before. My chain is totally silent… all you can hear is the breeze and the tyres on the road. Scares the crap out of cyclists and pedestrians cos they don’t hear you until you’re right on top of them. bwahahaha :evil:

Fixed it for you?

Clean your sprocket and have a close look at the teeth, is the loaded side showing wear into the tooth? It changes the effective pitch to slightly longer than 1/2"

Your chainring may also be worn, but it sees ~2-3x less wear.

Thanks for the replies.
There is some wear on my rear cog, so ill replace that today and see if there is any improvement. My chainring shows no wear at all, so I won’t replace that if I don’t need to just yet.
I plan on replacing my bb sometime over the next week or two, so ill get my chain line sorted then.

Thanks again


Huge improvements with a new cog though my chainring may be a bit more worn than I made it out to be as that’s contributing some noise now.

Any sweet deals at melbourne stores on 130bcd 44t chain rings?

no but i have a brand new 130bcd Sugino75 in 48t if that helps you

Too many teeth. Thanks for the offer though.

My favourite sound!

I’ve got just what you need, Cycle Underground anondised black 130, 44 tooth.
To your door $40

Pm’d you to.