New Cinelli 1A stems?

Cinelli Cinelli 1A Quill Stem: Total Cycling

Yeah, Wiggle sell them, plus the Cinelli Criteriums and Giro d’italia bar.

All got re-released not long ago. Last year I think.

Goes to show how much attention I pay. Good news though, better than paying $50 for a used one.

Made in italy still? Or likely Taiwan. Amazing how the market drives these things- who would have thought such a component would get reissued?

As soon as people start lamenting how expensive things get and as long as there’s a market for stuff it gets re-issued or re-manufactured. Check Velo Orange and other small boutique suppliers like Grand Bois who have made rims, tyres and reintroduced parts made to patterns that were once quite popular. As long as the demand is quite widespread it’ll happen … same goes for traditionally made lugged steel bikes. 10 years ago many would have said that show is over.

I will have to say … I think it’s cool they’ve gone for a 26.0mm clamp … but I don’t really like the pale silver anodizing on any of the modern repro stems or bars. Looks dull to me. Original issue will always command a premium but they ordinary used stuff won’t command such high prices as they have been getting.