New Cinelli Mash colour

New Cinelli Mash frame colour
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I dont like that those frames slope forward so much, almost time trialish.
everyone who builds one up runs a heap of spacers and ugly stem angles to make them comfortable.

I think are supposed to be pursuit frames.

No one runs em with nice stems though.

It will be a darker green when released for 2010

those new cinelli’s look very niiice :smiley:

That green is fugly. I have a hang up with green bikes though.

that is a truly bad colour, design scheme

it isnt that badddd
bu the og colours were definately better

I hope you are all ready for a lot more of this (see above three posts and mine) as we semi-lurkers with <25 posts “make the effort”.

On topic:… I like green.

Don’t like em? Try riding one, it’s like riding a magic carpet.

More Vigorelli colour options please…

thumbs down on that scheme almost as bad as the new bowry mashup

Bring back the 2007 color!!!

boy what i would do for a cinelli


Nice looking bike/build. carbon front rim?

Dunno. It was on the MASH blog.

Looks nice but the sound an aluminum frame makes when you bunnyhop or drop a curb is like a tin can.