new comer to aus and wanna buy a fixed,please help

hi guys.
I live in perth now.
And i wanna buy a fixed gear, I just come here 2weeks,hope bro can suggest me where to go to buy bike in perth or other useful information for buying a bike in perth is requesed~ thanks a lot!!!:o

Read this:

Then buy one of these: CELL Fixie Bike (Fixed Gear or Freewheel)

is there any options that i can choose, i prefer the bike is something like that

btw, thankyou for helping me

Or this, take ya pick…

fixie in Perth Region, WA | Free Local Classifieds Gumtree Australia

Just skip a fixay and build a porn road bike or a nice cx but don’t listen to the guys as soon as 650b comes up.

Woah! Standards are high. I can highly recommend this Hoffy: 1985 Vintage Hoffy track bike 61cm | eBay

nice, but are they second-hand ? btw, I dont mind but jsut wanna know haha

Yep, they are second hand, but you can get a bargain if you look.

The threads that have been suggested are good. We also have a For Sale section that you will get access to in time.

That’s a pretty good start for now. :slight_smile: