New (Custom) Build

Rather than get something off the shelf that is pumped out of a factory in Taiwan I’m thinking I want a custom frame, either Ti or Stainless. I have been looking at a few local builders like McLennan. Soooo Ti vs Stainless. It will be replacing at least 1 or 2 bikes, fenders, gears, gravel grinding, thoughts?

I’d go stainless because of reasons.
My custom primate sounds very similar to what you’re considering: fits 30s with guards or 35s without, mid-reach calipers, etc etc.

*disk only

Tyre size? Road geometry or rando/light touring geometry?
Rack mounts as well as fender mounts?

Would go stainless over Ti.
My roadie is cromo & stainless. Do like, obvs.

Apparently there’s some guy around here called Keith, makes some ok frames, Komu or something?

Yeah stainless. I guess having a look a Firefly would be a good source of inspiration for stainless steel + disc builds.

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Disc road might limit your choice with local builders, not sure how many are doing it. Though an aftermarket fork will widen the options.
Could always jump on the NFE bandwagon.

Why Ti or Stainless?

What’s wrong with factories in Taiwan?

I’m liking the stuff coming from Rogers in ADL at the moment, unsure if disc CX is something he’s done/does.

But yeah, a Kumo would also be pretty sweet.

He’s got a disc SSCX and he has just finished another disc CX frame for a friend. Pretty sure he has also done a disc road frame as well. All of them have off the shelf forks (I think).

Edit: he’s a got a disc CX frame for himself too. Login • Instagram

All his builds are here:


Sweet, yeah it’s all very tidy.

^that Kumo, wow… Do we have a specific thread on this??

These guys get me.

Also. You want a disc banger from a local builder? Get a Gellie FFS.

The owner’s not ‘one of us’

Trying to steer clear of the Kumo waters. Have looked at Rogers. Vnice, but didn’t say anything about Stainless…

JR (Rogers) is going to be at the Melbourne Custom bike show in June as well if you want to speak to him face to face.

Ugh I want to go, but I am pretty sure I’m working. My partner and I both have tickets that we can’t use. Am only a little bit devastated we can’t go.

Builders, another one into the mix is Throsby (dead fish appreciation society). Not sure how much/any of the bracketed bit is still in the name. He builds bikes along the lines that you are thinking, and pretty hard people ride them and they don’t seem to break a lot.

Sounds dicky, but a consideration should be to make sure the name on the frame attracts people that you’ll enjoy talking to.