New Fitzroy St, St Kilda cycling path

Has anyone checked out the new Fitzroy St partitioned cycling path?

The idea of riding in both directions on the righthand side of the road seems to me to be a bloody stupid idea. Or am I missing something here?
Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great urban designers are considering cyclists, but the logic behind this layout seems flawed. Those intersections are confusing for motorists and look like accidents waiting to happen in my opinion.

Yeah I rolled up there about a week ago on the way to work but I was city bound. I couldn’t see an obvious way to get on or off it coming back down the other way, but I wasn’t looking real hard.

we rode along it on wednesday night, the road is quicker as far as i’m concerned, but it’s not all bad, better then having taxis pulling into the bike lane all the time,

personally, i hate these things. I know they are great in theory but time and again my closest calls have been on these copenhagen style lanes, especially those in Swanston st. People walk on them with their back to you, people dump wheelie bins across them, plus it’s really hard to overtake safely. Not to mention cars turning left not being able to see you becuase of the line of parked cars that obscures the cyclists from view…

Unfortunately these things come about as a result of “good urban design policy” which is far from the reality.

ghettoization of cyclists… next they’ll be rounding us up into cattle cars, sending us to camps…

i’ve ridden city-wards after dark twice. to be honest i didnt even relise it was supposed to be bi-directional. i think there are still bike boxes all the way down fitzroy st going beachwards. i suspect if you are coming from albert park on a bike path you will flow pretty easily into it, but if you are coming down st kilda rd you will miss it. it should also be noted that the st kilda interchange at the top of fitzroy st is confusing for a lot of cyclists so with some better signage a lot of riders could end up being directed over with little disruption.

i’m more interested in what they are doing at the other end of fitzroy st… down by the esplanade. it seems they are attemtping a shared roadway (bikes/cars) and all signs point to chaos (and maybe a few people getting clipped by cars trying to squeeze by).

I find that offensive.

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it seemed stupid and dangerous to me on the wednesday nite ride. there were these miniature give way signs, riders going the ‘wrong’ way are meant to give way to cars coming out of the side streets. won’t be long before someone goes over a bonnet.

i’ll take my chances on the road thanx.

if cyclists are supposed to give way, then it’s a stupid idea, which will undoubtedly fail. micro zones of differing road rules are a horrible idea, will be just as confusing for the car drivers as the cyclists.

That’s the problem.
Fitzroy St is the only place in Melbourne that has this unique cycling path setup. How the hell is your average motorist going to know what to do?
And when motorists panic, that’s usually a bad thing isn’t it… :expressionless:

nothing a battery operated grinder/cutter and a safety vest can’t fix.

you want to attack the cars? :evil:

pitch that to channel 10!

the give way signs…