new fixie rider

Hey dudes just got my brand new cell mall3t in the post… put it all together and comp up sweet:) although need pump to inflate tyres…never knew there was presta till now. so havnt ridden yet but will do tomorrow on lunch break. Also any other fixie riders on the central coast??? Pics up soon i hope.

don’t mean to be harsh but “post your ride” once you have photos

his new alright paddy, leave him alone.

go cut urself jake
ahahahaaha too harsh

Hi mate, congrats on the new ride! If it is anything like my cell cingle it’ll be a great intro to fixed gear riding.

The beauty of cheap pricing means more spare cash to mod it. Change the cheng shin tyres asap, they are poo.

Also I am moving up to the bateau bay area late nov, so I might see you around!

I’ll be at Forster/Blueys Beach area around middle of october for some weekends R&R, pm if your near.

very harsh. i did yesterday and it fucking hurt, made me wear a glove all day today cu*ts

Im a coasie mate. Im from the Umina area. Only seen a couple of other fixies around here.