New Frame!

Just picked this up last night.

A Paconi made Kennedy. Columbus steel (not sure what type). Dura Ace cranks with three chain rings, plastic fantastic forks and nitto bars, Also came with a bag full of other odds and ends. Basically everything apart from the wheels (the guy parted them out before).

Just gota go talk wheels with Dan. New boards bike that I will have trouble flexing!

Veeeeeeeery Nice. Are you going to go tubular or clincher wheels?

That is one sweet looking machine. How did you find the sale? What type of wheels will you build for it…bling or super-bling?

Note sure on the wheels. Will do some homework.

As for how I found it…was up on the brunswick cycling club site.

A very quick scout around and all I can say…WHAT AN ABSOLUTE BARGIN.

Yeah… $100 more than my Fuji :smiley: Did not mess around.

Steel? Fuck,

Can you post some pics of the headtube/toptube/downtube junctions?

Yeah steel is real. I think it is ‘Columbus Brain’. Will sort some extra pics out.

Took it for a spin on the boards last night. Made the Fuji feel like a soggy weetbix. So very smooth. When you put the power down it just went with no jumping around.

My Ken Evans is made of Columbus Brain, but it looks a lot thinner diameter than the Kennedy. But then I know bugger all about tubing.