New front wheel

Hey guys, I’m after a machined front wheel, In the rain the other day my brake had zero effect. It’s a white B43 with a velocity hub, been used for about a month if anyone is interested in a trade as opposed to selling me one I don’t really mind. I’d be after black, white or gray. Cheers. (don’t have trading access, so apologies for posting here.)

why no trading access? you have 91 posts.

you might find better braking performance with a simple brake pads upgrade… also, if you haven’t gone through the sidewall paint, braking may improve once you do.

edit: just notice new 25 day trading access restriction.

I have thought of the brake pads, but I also rather have a different front wheel too. The B43 combo on my bike isn’t doing it for me.

Good decision, the B43 is a pretty pointless design- no braking surface makes its functionality pretty limited. Unfortunately even after you rub through the white powdercoat, the non-parallel rim surface never brakes very well, even in the dry.

Yeah I only put them on this bike because I had them, and was stretched with buying everything else that goes along with putting a bike together. I may just buy a black deep v or something if I don’t get any bites here.

ive got a brand new DP18 in white, but in Perth =(

Just got trading access this minute. Don’t reply to this thread, I’ll take my business there. Cheers.