New Guy 90's Bianchi Track


New guy here introducing myself

I currently ride a Cheap Fixie conversion of a Lésprite racer frame.

But I have just bought a 90’s Bianchi Track bike off ebay US and am awaiting its arrival

Only got ebay pics for now

57 cm frame w/ Columbus SBX tubing.
cinelli criterium 65-44
Campagnolo Omega 19 on front
Cerchi NISI on back
Campagnolo Crankset
selle italia turbomatic seat

What you guys think?

Or any ideas on frame vintage?

Was watching this one, not really a fan of the anodized cranks but was still a good buy.
How much was postage?(if you dont mind me asking)

The seller exports sky diving equipment so he is sending it in his next shipment to Brisbane for $ 100 US It is air freighted on 9th of July.

So i’m stoked.

that seat angle is making my eyes water…

I look forward to seeing it finished. But I would definitely be de-anodizing those cranks – a good caustic bath followed by a polish will bring them up real nice.

What good would that do?

They are Campy BMX cranks and quite collectable. If presented well and offered on US ebay they’ll fetch maybe upwards of $500usd. They are stamped Strada (road) on the back and came with 3/32" chainwheels so you’ll be able to replace them with the same locally here in Oz for about 1/5th of the price. Win/Win !!!

Cheers Spirito

Do you have any links to info on these cranks?

Can’t seem to find much.

Nice purchase, looks like a great little project.

I’m far from an expert, but since when did Campagnolo do BMX?

I was also unaware of this. I thought some dude had just decided to anodize his campy cranks blue.

But if they are stamped strada and come with 3/32 chainrings, then as a collector how would you know they are the rare BMX ones and not just some backyard anodized old strada cranks?


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I had a set of these cranks in red many moons ago. The bike they were on was stollen. I lost a lot of faith in mankind then.
Hot cranks though, I’d be saving them for later use.

Thanks Azz for those links.

I have emailed the guys at campyonly to see if they have any other info.

Can’t wait for this to arrive…

I’ll take those cranks for my diamondback, should you feel so generous…

i`ll take that frame for my rims, should you feel generous…

Sorry Lads

This one will be staying with me…

Nothing really, but it’s hard to get the colour just right and patina is the deal breaker and easy to spot. Peep’s who are into these and spending big money know how to spot them and there are a few details to look for.

Campy made these BMX sets with matching pedals and hubs. The hubs were based on the Nuovo Tipo (mid 70’s) high flange road hub with solid axles and spaced 110mm in the rear. Here’s a set I sold a few months back.

// Dubrat … re: info … you don’t need any. Just list them “Campagnolo Vintage BMX Cranks” and the freaks will pick up on them. Better off listing them on US ebay to get a world audience :wink:

The red version of these is very rare. That’s a shame some turd nicked them

I emailed the guys from Campyonly for some info on the cranks and they chucked this on there Blog

Campy Only!

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thats a sweet bike how much was it in total?

Guys I have found 2 sets of the hubs in blue for sale here in australia. What do you think I should look at paying??? One set laced to velocity clincher rims and another set of hubs only and reasonable condition??