New Guy 90's Bianchi Track

Depends, if your buying them to use then keep in mind they are only good as a single speed as there is no reverse lockring. Also the axles are shorter so the overall spacing is 110mm vs the track standard of 120mm. No biggie, you can swap out axles but it’s a minor hassle.

That’s if you’re going to hang onto them.

It would certainly be worth paying up to $200 for the hubs if they match the cranks in colour. Apart from the pedals it’s almost a full set. I’d go for it and pimp them on US Ebay at the same time (probably separate auctions) and use the $'s to get some real track swag for the Bianchi.

Or keep them and build up a very pimp BMX.

Real value? Who knows … it’s only money.

So this is no longer going to be my New Bianchi.

The seller told me postage was going to be $600 US instead of the $100 US he originally said.

Then I went back to him with a link to the USPS postage Site showing that the pricing to Aust for the box sizes he had given me was around $180US and said i was happy to pay that.

But now it seems he is going to relist is because its to much work.

So i am now on the look out for a track frame but i will put a WANTED ADD in the correct section for this…

Regs Adrian