new guy here.

someone sent me link saying there is a Gefsco for sale. i gotta make 25 posts to see the pics so here goes. :smiley:
i’m from the USA :oops:

here are a few of my bikes.
andy white’s old frame. not sure what it is. he said built by mcdonald, paconi’s other builder…


those are the only two aussie bikes i have.

here’s my main ride right now, american builder. sachs lugs. sport touring type bike.

nice italian bike i sold, a bit small but awesome no less.

another american bike. built by mark nobilette for the us cycling team.
just had him build me a steel fork for it. the carbon fork has too much rake plus i prefer steel. still gotta paint the fork…

Please don’t. You have some nice rides, but don’t spam the forums just to see a Gefsco. Pics below.

i dont think showing us his nice rides is spamming, i mean this the ‘post your ride’ section :smiley:

nice bikes by the way champ :wink:

thanks jase.
i was going to make quality posts…guess i don’t really have to now though.

i dont mind this as a way to get posts up. sure beats “+1”, “wow” etc.

nice bikes cookietruck, real nice.

+1 Really digging this frame. Nice one.

A flood of posts solely to get trading access is still spamming.

However, I think he has sweet rides too and would like to see them also, along with more background details etc. (And maybe a direct flickr link… please?).

Cookie: Are you from Seattle? I didn’t make it to Davidson when I was touring through the PNW. The Newvex lugs are quite nice. Honjo fenders?

That someone be Spirito. Amirite?

This be Flickr: Amirite?

Just call me super sleuth :smiley:

not just a pretty face, eh? :wink:

… and yes, I sold Cookietruck a GefSco on behalf of an old framebuilder mate of mine

Sorry Blakey: I posted the “new guy” to these forums as he has a Gesfsco frame very similar to the one posted for sale but without decals and not a lot of history. Just wanted to let him know of another example and didn’t realize he couldn’t view the pics. What with the time diff. and all I just think he was an eager beaver and couldn’t wait :wink: … + he has some mighty fine rides !!!

Normally this might be spam but he’ a good egg. :smiley:

and his chick is Hawt !!!

agree so is this

also nice bikes, winge all you want, i say “thanks for coming”

I’m more of an aluminium type of guy… well when it comes to basses, not bikes.

Gotta love the Triple Triangle.

i very much like the gt.

haha. not my chick…some old ad i found and posted somewhere.
actually my chick saw that pic in my flickr last night and i got a little shit for it :roll:
jsut a little though.

thanks dudes.

not from seattle, from texas.
visited bill davidson’s shop the time i was there though.
got that frame built about a year later after i decided 3 years of track bikes and mess bags was enough for commuting. panniers are great when it’s +100*F for a few months straight. now that it’s colder the mess bag will come back out a bit.

the lugs are actually the sachs rene herse lugs. frame is 73/73, rake is 43mm (puts trail at ~57mm), built for 47/57mm brakes. honjo fenders. tubus rack. great all around bike.

my pbass, 1977. original guard was already gone, and the pickups were dead when i got it. p’ups rewound by Lindy Fralin.