new guy

um im not sure if this is the right area… but anyway I’m paul… I’m new and just got my first fixie/ss.

Swapped an old mac computer I had for a Kona paddywagon… here she is

For now I’m probably just gonna change the bars to dropbars and get straps. Planning on repainting the frame but I’m not sure as to what theme I’m gonna do yet. Anyway just thought I’d say hey :smiley:

and also, where do you guys suggest I look for parts? :o just after bars,brake levers (yes I know) rims probably and a seat.

Welcome aboard! you’ll find is a warm cosy community with a well of knowledge, and most of all opinions. A post like this would be more suited to the “Post your ride” section, your paddy has some potential.

what is this supposed to mean?

Sorry wrong section :o

I still have to learn to actually use the ‘fixie’ gear of the bike so for now it’s on SS hence the brakes :smiley:

Unsure as to weather I want to change the colour of the bike. But I’m wanting drop bars and some V rims and new tyres maybe. just to update the look of it or something. Gonna attempt to learn using the fixed gear tmrw too.

Wait til you get those staps, give yourself a bit of time getting used to them, and then flip the wheel over. Fixed on flat pedals is basically a waste of time.

spray it matte black
also those kona’s are alright, nice work
Yeah straps rule, and try fixed one day, just for an hour, you may really dig it.

I was thinking satin black or like satin orange. Maybe white wheels or something. Gonna have to wait till im back overseas to paint it cause its too cold to rattle can it now. lol Thanks guys. What straps do you guys suggest?

Skingrowsback dx straps, Bo gear strap ons, or holdfast straps. All suited for bmx pedals. All good.

I think I saw the Bo gear strap ons yesterday. Through the banner above too I believe.

Btw, I was told I cant do a drop bar cause it wont be comfy. I’m 5’8 and the frames ETT is 56cm… I’m thinking I might just get one of those chrome short riser bars

Who told you that?

People on another forum. lol But I may try it out to see how it feels with this frame anyway. I can if I wanted to but a shorter stem will make the bike twitchier I think. That what I’ve been told .

Don’t listen to people on forums.

He meant:

Don’t listen to people on OTHER forums.

You’ll get used to him, don’t worry.

Mmmm…well yes…and no :slight_smile:

Commodore forums seem ok with their mechanical advice.
Not with the style shit though.

With the drops it could be great straight away or could take multiple bar/stem set-ups to get what you want/is comfortable/looks good. Bear in mind they do take some getting used to if you are used to risers.

You can’t buy taste…

I had an old malvern star with drop bars. They were fun. Although I took the bike to the city today. (sydney) biked all the way from home. I never knew how much fun a single gear coudl give me lol. Hills weren’t as hard as I thought they would be. I might try a drop bar if I can borrow one. Otherwise I think I’m quite happy with risers for now. Might just shorten it though as it feels a bit wide.

and Mr Dylan are you on boost lol

I’ve had a K Pad for two and a half years now, I love it. It gets me to and from work most days as well as various long rides around the state, and all I’ve really had to upgrade was the drivetrain (cranks, chain, chainring and cog.) I haven’t seen one in that colour, (not that I’m a Kona expert or anything) do you know what year it is?

Bo straps are good i met the skin grows back dudes at gear over easter cool guys,
Go any of these two killer Aussie brands.
As for paint strip it and just get it powder coated way easier than rattle can (if they dont fuck your threads) then rebuild it you will learn alot about your bike this way.