new guy

I repainted my gfs malvern star with rattle cans. turned out well so I might try that with this or spend a bit on it and get it pretty. lol

P!n, I’ll have to ask the guy I got it off about what year it is :o

Any reason for the upgrade? I may change mine in the future after repainting it anyway.

Nah man, JustCommodores, not boost cruising!
And they have shit taste, ‘yeah man, needs to be lowered, with some 19’sd on front and stockies on the back’

Ah cool beans. I was on Justcommodores too back when I had a VL and VS. lol is the worst forum in history.

Australian Ford Forums - Powered by vBulletin is where its at ha fuckin FORD’s FO LYF SON.

and dyldo,and slammed on stockies all around with flappers/whitewalls. FUCKIN BAWWWWSSSS

lols, it’ll be on stockies hopefully next weekend.
Then vs clubby 17x8’s, pc’d white HDT styles.

Broke most of the teeth off the sprocket and one of the cranks developed a crack. While doing that I changed the 3/32 chain to a 1/8, which meant a new chainring to suit.

That’ll look good. Had a mate pc his Tickford wheels white on his white AU XR8 and it looks awesome. I’m more of a black wheel man and sprayed my tickfords. When I replace the tyres I’ll get a bluewall put on and drive the shit out of it. I do my kays on my bike than my weekender ha ha. Gonna look sweet.

I was on ford forums for a while too. I had an EF wagon. lolololol

P!n, cool beans. I’ll probably change mine over to white when I find some

I had a set of those tickford wheels on my AU, hmmm, I miss those.

I’m hoping to get it liek this

my mrs wants a his and hers thing going on. lol i dont mind it

or this

although maybe in a darker cherry red colour or something. and maybe with tan grips and saddle.

Fixed. AU’s are bomb proof…

I’d still be in the fucker if it wasn’t for the ‘gift’ of a commodore.
LSD, full exhaust and headers, low as hell, damn.

youd love mine then ha ha slammed on black tickfords, fairmont skirt kit, exhaust, intake, cooked the s/s so its pretty much like an LSD now ha, got an LSD in the shed ready to go in, bigger brakes, factory momo steering wheel/tbar, custom made headlights and a whole heap of other shit ha ha

I just dont drive it anymore over here because its still NSW rego and everytime i take it out i get pulled over and cant afford it if i get stickered… plus the 2 points left on my licence ha ha

The ef I got was shithouse. lololol. The tranny was slipping already. friend was offering me his ex taxi lpg au for 500 but i missed out.

tranny’s are a cheap swap though. you can pick them up for under $300, and if you have mechanic mates, the cost of a carton and you are good to go again!!!

I wanna go drive my AU now!

But I only bought the car for 700! :stuck_out_tongue: sold it for 1300 a week after I bought it so not too bad!