New guy

hey guys,

jsut a quick hello…names gus, ride a green spokesman with drops and deep white wheels that i am currently rebuilding… usually can be found on the bike around southside, the city or at UC (if only i could say ANU…)

Anyway…if you see me say gday…i might even pop a skid for you. or depending on how active the events are around here i might come and partake.


First post and i already fail…was in the canberra section but got moved. anyway, hope to enjoy contributing to the forum.

what, they don’t call it UCan any more? too motivational?

Proba got sued by a motivational company.
Imagine the publicity you’d get for suing a university over something menial! Haha

personally, i’m still disappointed that the Tasmanian Institute of Technology changed its name, due solely to its acronym.

Thats like when the Department of Transport changed their web acronym.

www . dot . gov . au

Yup, dot dot dot… oh hilarious.

Oh hai Gus!

I’m from Southside too in Kambah. I don’t ride fixed anymore due to bad knees… You will mostly find me on the MTB or SS CX getting swooped by magpies.

Isn’t UC becoming a tafe or something?

Welcome Gus, more rides will be happening as we all start to thaw out, and thirst for beer. You are welcome to join us.