New Guy!

Hey guys,

Figured it was about time I actually signed up instead of just lurking all the forums. My name’s Dyllan, I’m originally from Perth, WA but I moved over to Sydney in September 2012. I used to ride a Matte Blue SE Draft Lite with powdercoated white deep v’s, KyotoLOCO Messenger Set and some old 70’s drops. That got ruined by some degenerate tried to steal it and buckled the frame.

Now I’m riding some old school roadie frame that my mate lent me and I built up. I’ve just got my CyclingAus License and signed up with LACC so that I can sign up for RAW Winter Track @ DGV. I’ve got a dedicated bike for that too, and can give you guys a build thread if you like.

So yeah, thanks for having me on here, hopefully I come along to some of the rides!

Welcome. Users Lorday and (sometimes) Rhys ride at RAW, I think a few other guys do too.

LACC? Lidcombe/Auburn? Me, Lorday and Ev live around Baulkham Hills, tend to ride out Windsor way or Old Northern Rd, but seldom ride fixed at all. Keep an eye on the Sydney section for rides, we occasionally do casual group rides out this way.

Were you riding the light blue something that dropped the chain a couple of times on a Friday night ride?

Yeah that was me, and I dropped my chain once and buggered off home haha. I’ve seen the guy with the Violet Dodici is on here as well. I need to come out for some more friday night action.

That’s Bob. I was riding the silver Hillbrick that night. FlammableThinker is the guy riding the full carbon Planet X.

You were the dude that was the mechanic hey? You were with me and the dude with the carbon track running some ridiculously high ratio.

Yeah, I’ve since moved on to sales. I’m actually talking about that guy in another thread, since then I’ve seen him only once.

Pretty sure his name was Rudy? He was a pretty mad dude.

Small world, went to Jasper Rd Primary and Baulko High and used to ride out that way as a youngster. Galston Gorge sometimes too.

Hope to see you at RAW, although I’ll probably be away for work when that’s on too. And nobody rides fixed here anymore!