New in Sydney

Hi Guys,

I will be in sydney on may 2013 for holiday, i want to ask about bike regulation there…

I use fixed or track bike… Any bicycle shop specialized in fixie??

Do you guys have any upcoming event?


Hey Jazz, most shops stock fixies these days but none really specialise in them. You could check out Deus Ex Machina in camperdown for nice track/fixie parts, Cheeky Transport in Newtown for parts & mechanical advice, Stallion Cycles in redfern or MC Cyclery in the city.

As for events, a local guy runs ‘Oath To Ride’ - check it out on facebook - they ride every friday night and have semi-regular events.

Hi Rcoh,

Thanks for the info…

It will be very nice if i can join u guys for cycling around sydney, i’ll check it on facebook…


Hey j4zz - we try and ride every wednesday and friday night as well as coffee rides on the weekends!

Nice Man… For sure i will join you guys for a ride… But i know nothing about syd, do i need to put on brake? How about helmet coz we normally can go cycling without that here in indonesia… Thx

You can probably get away without a brake, I don’t know of anyone in Sydney who has been busted for going brakeless. As for helmets, cops do stop and fine you for not having a helmet. Also, you’re less likely to get busted for anything else if you’re wearing a helmet. For example, you get pulled over for no helmet and they’re more likely to notice your lack of brake or lights or whatever.

Oow oke… Noted… thanks for the info…

Because you’re a tourist and don’t know the roads, I’d advise getting a brake anyway. Drivers here are a little unpredictable, and ending up in hospital is a shit way to waste a holiday.

Will do… Thx for the advise…

Good advice… but drivers here are nothing compared to drivers in Indo… :wink:

+1 for helmet - I once got pulled over for running a (very safe!) red light, the cop just said he was glad I was wearing a helmet and let me go !

Yaa… Will do the helmet… Noted… Thanks guys

Bwahahah Yup Indo is the BEST for AlleyCat Race :stuck_out_tongue: